Outdoor entertaining – get ready now!

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Entertain outdoors

Get ready for outdoor entertaining! Yes, spring and summer weather is right around the corner.  No matter where you live, the winter weather will have you thinking about the sunshine, and outdoor entertaining.  As the weather warms, outdoor activities expand the living space of your home. In addition to being a great way to increase…Read More »

Get your Home Ready for Back to School

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School supplies are showing up on the shelves of stores everywhere around Los Angeles reminding everyone that the final days of summer are edging closer. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to evaluate your Los Angeles home to make sure you are organized and prepared for the approaching back to school days. Even…Read More »

La Canada Homeowners – Sell Your Home with an Open House

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Open house

Selling a La Canada home? Have an Open House One important marketing strategy in selling a house in today’s La Canada real estate market is a public open house.  Typically we host open houses on a Sunday afternoon.  The public is invited.  You can expect to have potential home buyers, “lookie loos” and many neighbors…Read More »

Choosing a Garage Door For Your Home

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Los Angeles homeowners – have you looked at the exterior of your home?  Where does your eye focus first?  Depending on the design of your home, there is a great chance that you will be focusing on the garage.  And, if you consider the garage door as a form of “exterior landscaping”. then you will…Read More »

Home Security Tips To Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

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Summer is here and that means time for a vacation!  One of the most important travel plans you can make is that involving your plans to make your home safe while you are gone.   We have some home security tips that will help you be prepared to be away from your home.  Make your…Read More »

DOM (Days on Market) and How it Affects Home Buyers and Sellers

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Days on Market in Real Estate When we speak with someone who wants to sell their home, there are two factors that usually come into play – (1) price and (2) timing.  Many times sellers tell us that they are not in a hurry, and are willing to wait until they get their price.  On…Read More »