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home buyers fall in loveLove is not just for Valentines Day!  When prospective home buyers go looking for a home, they are looking for more than just a “house” – they are looking for a “home”.  This home, this “nest”, is a place for family and friends, for memories to be made, for a new beginning or a new chapter in their life’s story.  It is an emotional purchase, not just a logical or financial purchase.  You can help sell your home by creating an atmosphere for “love’ to happen!

We think many home sellers underestimate the value of “staging” a home so that your buyer will fall in love.  It doesn’t mean spending a lot of money.  It’s the simple things that can make a big difference.

It’s hard to know exactly what will trigger that feeling for a buyer, but there certainly are easy steps you can take to help welcome your buyer, and let them “move in” emotionally.

First, clear a path.  From the front door into each and every room, make it easy for the buyer to walk through your home, to stop in each room and appreciate the room.

Second, open the window coverings and look outside.  What is the home buyer seeing?  Sometimes adding some “wall art” to an exterior fence or wall can put a smile on the buyer’s face and create a more appealing visual look.  Maybe a trellis with a vine growing on it would be better to look at than a fence or wall.  And – remember to leave the window coverings open when you have a showing so that the buyer will appreciate the views and light that the windows offer.

Third – light and bright sells homes!   Make sure rooms are well lit, leaving lights on if necessary.  Sometimes we suggest leaving a light or lights on timers to help in dark rooms, or during times of the day when there is less natural light coming into a room.

Then, is your home comfortable?   Soft music, a comfortable temperature and fresh flowers set the stage for the “oohs” and “aahs” from your home buyer.   Fresh baked cookies?  Sure!  That wonderful, homey smell of fresh baked cookies can be very homey and relaxing to a buyer.  You want the buyer to love your home – and to want to make it their home.  They will – if you help them!

Finally, when a potential buyer is coming to see the house, we suggest that you leave and let the home buyer view the property with their agent.  Buyers don’t feel comfortable when the seller is also in the house.  Let the buyer have a chance to relax, to vision themselves living in the home – their home.

So now you have the tools for a great love affair – between the home buyer and your home.  Let the romance begin!

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