Choosing a Garage Door For Your Home

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Choosing a garage door for your homeLos Angeles homeowners – have you looked at the exterior of your home?  Where does your eye focus first?  Depending on the design of your home, there is a great chance that you will be focusing on the garage.  And, if you consider the garage door as a form of “exterior landscaping”. then you will agree that choosing a garage door for your home is a large and important focal point.  So, take a look.   Is it time to consider a new garage door?

While choosing a garage door for your home  is not generally of prime concern as long as it works properly, it really can enhance the “look” and appeal of your home.  Here are some helpful tips for you when shopping for a new garage door for your home

Think Materials – Garage doors are made from many different materials – wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass are commonly used.

Windows or No Windows – Garage doors now offer a wide variety of window configurations.  Would you like to have windows in your new garage door?  Remember that windows can be more easily broken and increase the ability to “see” what is in the garage, potentially increasing risk of burglary or repair. However, they are more attractive and let in more light if you will be working in your garage often.  When choosing a garage door for your home, be sure to ask whether the door will be able to be locked manually as a security feature while you are away from your home for extended periods, too.

What is the size of the existing garage door – Do you have a one car garage or does it hold more than one car? Knowing the width, height and depth of the current door will help you in knowing which models to view.

Add on costs – What can start as a simple replacement of your garage door can ultimately end up costing more due to add on costs.  Is it appropriate to replace the garage door springs, or the garage door opener at the same time?  Plus, your new garage door should meet current building codes, which may add on to the cost of the garage door replacement.  Now is also a good time to consider any other enhancements to the operation of the garage door.

Safety is your first consideration – When you are choosing a garage door for your home, make sure that it has a retracting feature to detect interference from small children or pets.  As with any upgrade you make to your home, safety needs to be considered alongside beauty.

Choosing a new garage door for your home will add to the curb appeal of your home, as well as to the value of your home.  You can be proud of this update to your home’s exterior.  Making a good first impression with a pretty garage door can make a difference!

Los Angeles homeowners – take a look at how the garage door affects your impression of these Los Angeles homes for sale.

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