Home Security Tips To Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

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home security while on vacationSummer is here and that means time for a vacation!  One of the most important travel plans you can make is that involving your plans to make your home safe while you are gone.   We have some home security tips that will help you be prepared to be away from your home.  Make your vacation a complete success and return to a safe and secure home!

Home Security Tips for your Vacation

  • Keep it quiet – keep it private – Avoid posting your vacation plans and details before and during your trip.  When you post travel plans and details on social media (such as Twitter or Facebook), you may be putting your home at risk.  Sharing vacation photos are an obvious way of showing that you are away and may create an easier target for your home for thieves.
  • Keep it maintained – Nothing says “we’re on vacation” more than overgrown landscaping. If you normally maintain your landscaping, consider hiring someone to keep the bushes and lawn trimmed while you are gone.
  • Lock it up – From windows and doggie doors to gates and garage doors, the security of your home requires diligence on your part.  If needed, install an extra lock – such as a deadbolt – on exterior doors.  Plan in advance and make a list of all doors and windows to be secured.  In that way, as you leave you can cross them off the list and be able to properly secure your home.
  • Light it up – Consider installing a timed lighting system for interior and exterior lighting. Both can deter possible intruders.
  • Turn it off and unplug – Unplugging electronics such as televisions can save you money while you are gone.  Unplug your garage door opener to reduce the risk that it can be accessed via a universal remote.  In addition, a constantly beeping answer machine is “music to the ears” of an intruder – it’s another indication that you are not there to retrieve your telephone messages.  Consider turning off your answer machine while you are gone.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor for help –  A trusted neighbor or friend can make a house look more “lived in.”  Perhaps they can park a car in the driveway periodically just to give your home that “lived in” look.  They can also make sure newspapers, etc. are not left in your yard. Be sure to give them a way to notify you if something looks out of place or odd while you are away. Another idea is to hire a “house sitter” or “pet sitter” who will stay at your home and care for your home and your beloved pets too!
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery- You don’t want these items piling up in your yard and driveway!
  • Security systems can provide an extra deterrent – Studies show that homes with security systems are less likely to be a target than those without. Consider installing a home security system. Many systems now provide access via an “app” so that you can monitor the activity at/in your home from your smartphone or computer.

Having a wonderful summer vacation – from the moment you leave to when you return – is easier with a little planning for the home you leave behind.  You’ll enjoy peace of mind on your vacation knowing that you’ve done your best to secure your home and belongings while you are gone.

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