Keeping Your Home Secure

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keeping your home secureSpring is in the air and that means vacation plans may not be far behind!   Whether you are embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended trip, it’s important that you make arrangements to ensure the safety of your Los Angeles home.    Many people do not realize the importance of keeping your home secure.  Taking a few simple steps, and putting some thought into home security while you are away can avoid an unpleasant surprise and end to an otherwise perfect vacation getaway.  Experts agree that taking a few precautions to ensure your Los Angeles home security can make the difference between your home being a target, or your home being safe and secure.

We have some suggestions for you for keeping your home secure before, during and after your vacation plans.    They don’t take a lot of time, or money … but can make a difference for you.

  • Befriend a  neighbor.   Is there a Neighborhood Watch program in your area?  If so, use the techniques of the program.  If not, you are bound to have a neighbor who would be willing to watch over your home while you are away.  Request that they notify you or the police if something alarming occurs or if they notice anything different or out of the ordinary.
  • Be careful not to “broadcast” your vacation plans until after they are complete.  While you may want to share your trip with others, wait until your return.  Experts recommend that you do not post your travel plans before or during your travels on social networking or social media sites or blogs (like Facebook, TwitterMySpace, LinkedInThe Real Estate Blog, etc).   Do not leave notes on your front door, trash cans or mailbox, either.
  • It’s always best when your home appears to be occupied while you are away.  Light timers, or maybe a timer on a radio can help make your home appear to be occupied. A well-maintained and well-lit home with timed lights and motion detectors can be a deterrent.
  • Make sure the exterior of your home is well lit. Consider adding additional lights that are activated by “motion detectors” – especially around doors.
  • Call your local sheriff or police department.  Volunteer police patrols can be utilized.
  • Put in a “stop order” or “hold order” for mail and newspapers,  unless you have a large, locking mailbox.   Nothing says “I’m not home” more than a pile of newspapers on your driveway or at your front door, or stacks of uncollected mail.
  • Remove any hidden or spare keys from their “secret” hiding places while you are away.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to drive by and periodically do a visual check-in on your home.  Maybe your Los Angeles realtor could to that for you.  If possible, they could walk around the perimeter of your property to check and make sure your home is secure.
  • Try using a deadbolt or locking mechanism on your garage door while you are away for long periods of time and secure any pet entrances.  Perhaps unplug or disconnect your automatic garage door opener for additional security.
  • Let your home security company know of your vacation plans, and make sure your “call list” is up-to-date in the event of an emergency.
  • Make sure all fire detectors and smoke detectors have new, working batteries.
  • Arrange or move potted plants to receive watering while you are gone.  Unkept or dying plants are another signal that you are away.

When you return, be sure to begin all suspended services again.  You will also want to thank those who watched over your new home so they will feel so inclined when your next vacation comes up.  A small, thoughtful gift would certainly be appropriate – a bouquet of flowers, home baked or store bought cake or specialty bread … anything that says “thank you” would certainly be appreciated.

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