Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness

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Los Angeles emergency preparednessLos Angeles emergency preparedness can be one of the most important things you do to protect your family and your home.

Los Angeles emergency preparedness for homeowners:

The Los Angeles Office of Emergency Management has a valuable resource available online.  It’s called the “Emergency Survival Guide“.  This publication is a comprehensive “how to” guide to emergency preparedness.  Los Angeles County residents can now be better prepared in the event of fires, storms, floods, mudslides, hazardous materials, earthquakes, pandemic flu, terrorism, extreme weather, and tsunamis.

The Los Angeles guide has helpful tips, an “Evaculation Checklist”, utility safety, school safety, supplies to have on hand, and information that pertains to family and small and large animals, including animal evacuation.    It also has a section on basic first aid.  Los Angeles homeowners as well as business owners will benefit from the Guide.

To view this Los Angeles emergency preparedness guide online, or download a copy, go to the County of Los Angeles, Office of Emergency Management website ( and get your FREE copy.
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