Moving? Get to Know Your New Home and Neighbors

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Gate to your new home
When moving into your new Los Angeles home, and new neighborhood, you can feel the excitement and there is also a bit of apprehension.  New friends, new locations – a new grocery store, a new doctor – all of the services that were familiar to you in your prior home may need to be reestablished in your new Los Angeles home and in your new neighborhood.

Moving to a new home means you have the opportunity to have new experiences and make new friends.  Getting to know neighbors can be time-consuming, but can also be very worthwhile.  In many Los Angeles neighborhoods, the neighbors help one another out and participate in the neighborhood watch program.  A good neighbor literally can make your world a better place.  Many people report the neighbors become lifetime friends.

Once you’ve gotten a bit acquainted with your new home, get to know the block better by taking a walk along your Los Angeles street.  You are sure to meet a few neighbors along the way.  Learn more about your new Los Angeles neighborhood by asking questions.  Sometimes a local park or community center can be a valuable resource in making friends in your new neighborhood.

After a while in your new neighborhood, find a time to invite your new friends over.  Keep it simple and concentrate on the friendship, not the decor nor party preparations.  This can be a fun gathering for your neighbors, many of whom may not know each other.

You may find other ways to get involved in your local Los Angeles community, either from your new friends or by reading the local newspapers or online.  Get involved at the local schools.   Shop at the local markets, including the farmer’s markets.  Volunteer, join a gym or local sports club.  Use this new beginning to have fun while meeting new people with similar interests.

Remember, sometimes you make a new friend simply by giving a smile.

Looking for a new neighborhood?

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