Real Estate Terms – Abbreviations

Below is as list of common real estate terms and abbreviations that you may encounter in your real estate transaction.


3/2 – means 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (note: 2 bathrooms can be a “rounded up” number, say 1.5 baths would show as 2)
ABR – Accredited Buyer Representative
A/C – Air conditioning
APR – Annual percentate rate
ARM – Adjustable rate mortgate
ATT – Attached
BA or BTH – Bathroom
BD or BR – Bedroom
BOM – Back on the market
C/A or CAC – Central air conditioning
CCR – Covenants, conditions and restrictions
CAR – California Association of Realtors
CF – Ceiling fan
CH – Central heat
CMA – Comparative market analysis
COE – close of escrow
COF – Cost of funds
CPT – Carport or carpet
DOM – Days on the market
DR – Dining room
DW or D/W – Dishwasher
EL or ELE – Electric
FA or F/A – Forced air
FHA Federal Housing Administration
FML – Formal
FMV – Fair market value
FP or F/P or FPL – Fireplace
FR – Family room
FSBO – For sale by owner
Gar – Garage
HOA – Homeowner’s Association
HPP or HWP – Home protection plan (aka home warranty plan)
HUD – Housing and Urban Development
HVAC – Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
LO or L/O – Lease option
LR – Living room
LTV – Loan to value
MBR – Master bedroom
NAR – National Association of Realtors
PA – Purchase agreement
PITI – Principal, interest, taxes and insurance
PL – Pool
PMI – Private mortgage insurance
PUD – Planned unit development
REF – Refrigerator
REO – Real estate owned by a bank or lending institution
RTO – Rent to own
SF or SQ FT – Square feet
SFR – Single family residence
SRES – Seniors Real Estate Specialist
SS – Short sale
TC or T/C – Trash compactor
WD or W/D – Washer/ dryer
WI or W/I – Walk-in
W/W – Wall-to-wall
YD – Yard


Acre – a measurement used for land.  One acre equals 43,560 square feet.
Amortization – to spread out repayment of loan amount over time
Appraisal – an opinion of value done by a licensed real estate Appraiser
Escrow company – a neutral third party in a real estate transaction
Title insurance – insurance used to protect the buyer and seller in the event of certain issues/disputes.  Check with your title company for more specific terms and conditions as they apply to your specific property or transaction.

Disclaimer – while we have used care in compiling this list of real estate abbreviations and terms, we cannot guarantee it’s accuracy, and terms may be different in varying areas.