Green Home Market Expected to Grow

The latest trend in the residential building market is going “green.”    Last week McGraw-Hill Construction revealed that 17% of residential single-family home building in 2011 was due to eco-friendly homes and upgrades, up from just 2% in 2005.  Rates on the West Coast, North Midwest, and New England have experienced even stronger growth in…Read More »

2012 – An Affordable Time to Buy a Home

Home for sale - 4520 Viro Road, La Canada, CA 91011

As real estate agents, we are constantly asked – should I buy a home now or wait?  Is it an affordable time to buy a home?  Frankly, what we are seeing is a  combination of historically low mortgage rates and a decline in home prices – together making home affordability within reach for many people.…Read More »

DOM (Days on Market) and How it Affects Home Buyers and Sellers

Days on Market in Real Estate When we speak with someone who wants to sell their home, there are two factors that usually come into play – (1) price and (2) timing.  Many times sellers tell us that they are not in a hurry, and are willing to wait until they get their price.  On…Read More »

Terms to Know When Buying or Selling a Los Angeles Home

When you are a home buyer or seller, you will hear different real estate terms used during the process.  We have listed some of the common real estate terms and their definition that will help you when buying or selling a Los Angeles home. “CLOSING DATE” – The closing date refers to the date title transfers from…Read More »

Saving Money in Your Los Angeles Home – Energy Saving Tips

In today’s world, saving energy is important.  As a home owner, or a future home owner, there are many costs of home ownership to think about.  One of these is the amount spent on utilities.  Did you know that you can request an energy audit from your power company to find ways that you can reduce…Read More »

Consider Bike Score When Buying a Los Angeles Home

If you are a home buyer, you’ve probably seen refence to a “Walk Score” for any property you are considering.   For example, look at homes for sale in Los Angeles and you will see the Walk Score® shown as a number between 0 and 100.  This number represents the “walkability” of an address.  The higher…Read More »

How to Get Started to Buy a Los Angeles Home

House doors

Are you ready to buy a Los Angeles home?   Buying a home – if it is your first home, or you are moving into a new home – is an exciting time, and it can be scary.   Buying for a Los Angeles home involves several steps. First, you probably have narrowed your search to a…Read More »

Lock in Your Mortgage Rate Today!

Mortgage rates have been “center stage” recently with rates at or near historic lows.   Freddie Mac recently issued their survey for current mortgage rates which recealed 30 year fixed rate mortgages as averaging 3.56%.  The chart to the left shows sample mortgage rates for 30-year fixed rate mortgages, 15-year fixed rate mortgages, and two adjustable rate…Read More »

Buying a house versus condo or townhome

Los Angeles home buyers are likely to weigh options with regard to what “type” of property they want to live in.  For many home buyers, this is most likely a function of balancing what they can afford with their “wish list” for the property – house size, number of bedrooms, location, etc. In searching for a Los Angeles home, many…Read More »

Survey Reveals Home Ownership still Favored

In these economic times, you may be “on the fence” about buying a home in Los Angeles versus renting.   Certainly a person’s situation can be a big factor in this important decision.  How stable is your job?  How secure are you in the long term prospects?  How likely is your personal situation to change in…Read More »