Los Angeles Home Remodeling

You’ve bought a house.  Now it’s time to do some remodeling and updating.  But, where to you start?  And, where is the best place to spend your money to maximize the return on the time, energy and dollars you are going to spend?   Let’s talk about Los Angeles home remodeling. Each year Remodeling Magazine publishes…Read More »

Home Buying – the Basics of Homeowners Insurance

Your dream home

Once you’ve purchased your dream home, it’s time to protect it!  Home buying can be very risky without homeowners insurance. It is essential for safeguarding your most valuable possession against defects, vandalism and disaster. It will cover the costs of repairs in the event of calamities such as fire, storms,earthquakes, vehicles, aircraft, riots, theft, and…Read More »

Help Buyers Fall in Love with Your Home for Sale

Love is not just for Valentines Day!  When prospective home buyers go looking for a home, they are looking for more than just a “house” – they are looking for a “home”.  This home, this “nest”, is a place for family and friends, for memories to be made, for a new beginning or a new…Read More »

Compare and Research when Buying a Home

We say that when you are buying a La Canada home, you should spend the proportionate amount of time that you would spend, say, buying a car.   Most people buying a car do a lot of research, take test drives of many different makes and models, study ads, performance ratings, investigate repair history, etc.…Read More »

Moving? Get to Know Your New Home and Neighbors

Gate to your new home

When moving into your new Los Angeles home, and new neighborhood, you can feel the excitement and there is also a bit of apprehension.  New friends, new locations – a new grocery store, a new doctor – all of the services that were familiar to you in your prior home may need to be reestablished in your…Read More »

Green Home Market Expected to Grow

The latest trend in the residential building market is going “green.”    Last week McGraw-Hill Construction revealed that 17% of residential single-family home building in 2011 was due to eco-friendly homes and upgrades, up from just 2% in 2005.  Rates on the West Coast, North Midwest, and New England have experienced even stronger growth in…Read More »

DOM (Days on Market) and How it Affects Home Buyers and Sellers

Days on Market in Real Estate When we speak with someone who wants to sell their home, there are two factors that usually come into play – (1) price and (2) timing.  Many times sellers tell us that they are not in a hurry, and are willing to wait until they get their price.  On…Read More »

Lock in Your Mortgage Rate Today!

Mortgage rates have been “center stage” recently with rates at or near historic lows.   Freddie Mac recently issued their survey for current mortgage rates which recealed 30 year fixed rate mortgages as averaging 3.56%.  The chart to the left shows sample mortgage rates for 30-year fixed rate mortgages, 15-year fixed rate mortgages, and two adjustable rate…Read More »

Buying a house versus condo or townhome

Los Angeles home buyers are likely to weigh options with regard to what “type” of property they want to live in.  For many home buyers, this is most likely a function of balancing what they can afford with their “wish list” for the property – house size, number of bedrooms, location, etc. In searching for a Los Angeles home, many…Read More »

Survey Reveals Home Ownership still Favored

In these economic times, you may be “on the fence” about buying a home in Los Angeles versus renting.   Certainly a person’s situation can be a big factor in this important decision.  How stable is your job?  How secure are you in the long term prospects?  How likely is your personal situation to change in…Read More »