Tips for Moving Into Your New Home

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moving boxesMoving into a new Los Angeles home can be a fun and exciting time in your life, but it can also be challenging.  Our clients experience stress and exhaustion – and often report extra doses of Vitamin C are in order.  We have some tips for moving to help with a coordinated, inexpensive and organized transition.

A move can be a short distance in Los Angeles or across the country or the world.   The distance you are moving can also make a difference.  Believe it or not, sometimes a shorter move can prove more challenging.  Your expectations are different – thinking that you can just put things in a car or moving truck, perhaps not making a full move but taking short-cuts.  What happens is that the moves over a short distance – around the corner, across the street or even across town – can be more difficult than if you pack and plan for a move over a greater distance.

We hope that you find these tips for moving to be very helpful.  And, feel free to let us know if you have other moving tips that we can add to our list!

  • Finding Boxes:  Visit your local hardware store or the large “chain” hardware stores, or even moving companies, or office supply store and look at their moving boxes and package deals.  This can be a great way to get boxes shipped to your location at a minimal expense.  You can also pick boxes up very inexpensively in the store as well, if you have a nearby location.  If you work in an office, recognize the value of printer paper boxes.  These and other boxes used for delivering supplies can be the perfect size for moving. Complete with lids, these boxes can contain your items make moving day easier, since the lids prevent overfilling and spillage.  Plan ahead – if you know you are moving, start collecting boxes immediately.
  • Packing Boxes:  Remember to pack similar items together and label each box by destination room.  Your boxes should be labeled so the labels can be seen easily, in the same location on each box.  Perhaps label more than one side of the box for easy recognition.  Unpacking occurs more quickly when all boxes are able to be placed in the appropriate room in your new Los Angeles home.
  • Securing Your Valuables:  Using bubble wrap, padded envelopes, and other eco-friendly materials can reduce and eliminate the possibility of breakage of your items.  Felt is great to use to cushion and prevent sliding dishes, but no amount of material or bubble wrap can compensate for carelessness.  Clearly mark special boxes with the word FRAGILE, so that more care is taken with those boxes in the move.  You can also hand carry or personally transport any items of concern.  Even if you get moving insurance, insurance replacement cost does not mean much when viewing a broken heirloom, so be sure to take any necessary precautions.
  • Hand Carry Some Valuables:  Jewelry and other valuable items and treasures should be hand carried and safely stored during your move.
  • First Box – Last Box:  There’s always a “first box” that you want to unpack – containing items you’ll need right away – and there’s always a “last box” that you packed – perhaps tossing leftover items into that box.  Make sure these boxes are clearly labeled.

These simple tips will help you as you prepare for your transition to your new Los Angeles home. We wish you a peaceful, uneventful move to your new home.  Please let us know if we can offer any assistance to you!

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